Energy Redefined

How does one go about defining energy? It’s a question we asked ourselves many times as we prepared to bring Black Bear Energy Spray and Black Bear Energy Drink to market. Common perceptions of energy have shifted in a dangerous direction. Today the majority define energy as a commodity: An artificial and shortly sustained boost that stimulates our lives for a short while before vacating as quickly as it came. Leaving us more tired and in worse shape then we started.

This perceptual shift has scared us in more ways than one, and when we say that Black Bear Energy products offer energy redefined we mean it. We believe that energy is more than some cheap commodity. Our definition of energy doesn’t focus on product or brand. We see an opportunity for greater health and an improved a state of being.

Black Bear Energy doesn’t rely on caffeine, guarana, and 5-tablespoons of refined or artificial sugars to pick you up only to then drop you hard shortly after. Black Bear only works with the highest quality ingredients. To that end all of our products are all-natural, vegan, and non-GMO. We work with high quality varieties of Vitamin B12 alongside a powerful trace mineral blend to offer the sustained energy you need by ensuring our ingredients work in perfect symmetry with your body’s natural functions.

Black Bear Energy Drink  &  Black Bear Energy Spray